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If you are looking for information about civil legal problems, want to know more about an area of law that affects low income people, or want to see what forms or other legal resources are available please visit the Oregon Law Help site at  This web site also has more information about how to seek legal assistance.

If you are a low income person living in Oregon or who has a civil legal case in Oregon and would like to obtain legal help on a civil legal problem, please call the legal services office serving the county where you live or the county where the case arose.  A list of those offices with phone numbers can be found at   Legal services programs, including the Oregon Law Center (OLC), do not provide assistance with criminal matters or traffic tickets.   

The Portland office of OLC is not an initial entry point into the statewide legal services system.  The Portland office of OLC works directly with communities, organizations and other legal services providers who refer appropriate cases.  If you need legal assistance, the first step is to contact the legal services office serving your county.

Oregon Law Center provides free civil legal services to low income individuals.  If you have more questions about OLC, please click on the menu bars to the left.




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