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Our Leadership

The Oregon Law Center is governed by the board of directors. More than half of the board members are lawyers appointed by State and local bar associations.  The client-eligible board members are nominated by community based organizations serving low-income people in Oregon. The board of directors hires and supervises the executive director, sets major policies, adopts the annual budget and helps secure the funding necessary to operate the Law Center. The board adopts the statewide priorities and the policies that apply to local office priorities. The board conducts business at board meetings.

Office Staff 
Our offices are staffed with employees committed to serving clients. Our staff reflects the diversity of Oregon. They are experienced and effective advocates for clients. Each regional office has a managing attorney who supervises staff, the substantive work of the office and the budget for each office.

State Support Unit 
The state support unit consists of five experienced attorneys who work closely with attorneys in the regional legal services offices across Oregon. They co-counsel on major cases, answer questions for staff attorneys, set up moot courts and otherwise promote high quality legal services. They provide the core training curriculum for legal services lawyers in Oregon: new lawyer training, trial practice training, motion practice training, and discovery training as well as coordinating statewide task forces to share information in specialized areas of poverty law.  As part of their jobs, they monitor case management and priority setting systems in local offices to assure compliance with statewide standards set by the board.

Statewide administration of Oregon Law Center is provided by the Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources Director, Director of Operations and a Financial/HR Specialist.

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