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Eviction Defense Project

Is your landlord taking you to eviction court?

Get fast and free legal help from legal aid’s
new Eviction Defense Project

Get fast and free legal help from
legal aid’s new Eviction Defense Project

The Eviction Defense Project provides free legal assistance to low-income tenants facing eviction court cases. 

Tenants in Portland can get help even before the court process, if they have received a notice from their landlord to move out.

Contact us right away so we can review your case before it is too late. 
Have your court case number and hearing date ready. 

Eviction court moves fast. Don’t wait.


You must contact us before your first appearance date in order for us to help you.

Fill out the web form below or call 888-585-9638. Give your name, case number, and court summons date. That will help us determine if you have a case and whether we can represent you.

If you contact us by email, or the form below, please remember to check your email spam folder for a response.

Apply for rental assistance now if you haven’t already.
Go to to find information about rent assistance resources in your area.

No matter what, show up to court and call us before signing anything.
If you don’t show up, you may lose automatically, even if you applied for rent assistance. To show up, follow the instructions on the eviction paperwork. Some courts are allowing tenants to call in to their hearing instead of in-person. Also, please call us before signing any settlement agreements with your landlord. 


Fill out the following form or call us directly.

Call: 888-585-9638

Have your court case number and hearing date ready.


* required


Our services are free for eligible low-income Oregonians no matter your immigration status.

A lawyer or paralegal will follow up with you to get more details on your case. That helps us know if your eviction is illegal or if you have a case against your landlord. We will consult with you about your options and, if you have a case, we may be able to defend you in court.

Yes. We provide services regardless of immigration status and there is no immigration consequence to anyone for receiving help from our office.

Yes, but only very early in the month until it runs out. The State agency, Oregon Housing and Community Services, in coordination with their vendor, Public Partnerships LLC, and Oregon Law Center supports the Eviction Prevention Rapid Response Program (EPRR). The EPRR Program provides critical financial intervention to prevent evictions for renters in Oregon. If you have received a court notice for eviction and need rental assistance for nonpayment of rent, please call Oregon Law Center at 888-585-9638. Oregon Law Center can provide legal help to a limited number of eligible callers and can provide a referral to start an EPRR application, when EPRR rent assistance funds are available. Public Partnerships LLC will review referrals, assess eligibility, and make payments to qualifying applications to resolve eviction court cases. EPRR has a set amount of monthly funding available to provide to applicants and it will run out early each month. If you were unable to access an EPRR referral when you called OLC, please check back for assistance at the beginning of the month.

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