Executive Director

Oregon Law Center Seeks Executive Director – Portland 

POSITION:  The Oregon Law Center (OLC) seeks an executive director to lead our efforts to achieve justice for the low-income communities of Oregon by providing a full range of the highest quality civil legal services.  OLC is client based and client oriented legal aid program.  Oregon has a long history of strong support for legal aid.  The next executive director shall engage the board, staff, and partners to increase the quantity and quality of individual representation, while also identifying and addressing systemic problems that harm client communities.  The position is based in Portland.

ABOUT US:  It is the mission of OLC to achieve justice for the low-income communities of Oregon by providing a full range of the highest quality civil legal services.  OLC operates eleven regional offices, a state support unit, legislative advocacy unit, and statewide farmworker program.  The OLC community includes 18 board members (11 attorneys) and 78 employees (46 attorneys).  The board and staff reflect the diversity of the client communities that we serve.  OLC works closely with Legal Aid Services of Oregon, the Oregon State Bar, courts, the Oregon Legislature, Congress, administrative agencies, community partners, and other stakeholders to improve the lives of clients.  OLC does not receive funding from Legal Services Corporation.

The board consists of licensed attorneys appointed by state and local bar associations and client eligible members appointed by community partner organizations. The statewide administrative office consists of the executive director, chief financial officer, program administrator, and a financial/human resources specialist.  Managing attorneys in regional offices have extensive responsibility.  OLC uses a strategic planning process to engage all members of the community and partners in a meaningful planning process.  OLC routinely conducts client needs assessments to identify and implement client based priorities.

Leading ongoing planning efforts and implementation of strategic vision

Inspiring staff, board, clients, partners, and other stakeholders to implement the mission

Ensuring the continued provision of high quality legal representation and systemic    advocacy

Hiring, supervising, evaluating, and meeting regularly with leadership team

Attracting/retaining high quality staff necessary to implement mission with emphasis on     diversity

Cultivating key partnerships with community organizations, key funders, and the private bar

Building strong relationships with leaders in the judicial, legislative, and administrative branches of state and federal government

Maintaining stable revenue and strong financial systems

Supporting effective branding, marketing, and public relations for legal aid

Demonstrated ability to lead teams that use legal services to cause significant change to improve the lives of low-income clients;

Strong interpersonal communication and public speaking skills, positive attitude, sense of humor, healthy self-awareness, and cultural competence;

Demonstrated ability to provide leadership and mentoring for legal and administrative teams;

Excellent legal research, writing, negotiation, and analytical skills;

Experience in financial oversight, development of budgets, and compliance with grant and contract requirements;

Enthusiasm, initiative, creativity, commitment, and record of successful work on poverty issues;

Ability to build and maintain strong relationships with a diverse group of community partners, stakeholder, and funders;

Passionate advocate for the legal rights of low-income clients;

Ability to inspire co-workers and project calm competence in challenging circumstances;

Ability to work effectively in a collaborative process;

Ability to think creatively when addressing our clients’ issues;

Strong work ethic coupled with an optimist’s enthusiasm and a pragmatist’s desire for action; and

Admission to Oregon Bar or willing to attain admittance.

Not less than ten years of relevant experience;

Experience with complex litigation and other litigation on behalf of low-income clients;

Experience using administrative and legislative advocacy to help clients;

Experience providing supervision and leadership in a legal aid office; and

Personal experience with poverty, disability, or any other minority status or affiliation.

SALARY/BENEFITS:  Salary depends on experience.  Good benefits package. 

HOW TO APPLY:  Send resume and letter of application (including three references) to lalton@oregonlawcenter.org.  Applications being accepted until January 31, 2018.

OLC is an equal opportunity employer committed to creating a healthy work environment for a diverse staff.  We encourage people from diverse backgrounds and communities to apply.